The Barbershop Show


Their amazing story

Perseverance, Optimistic, Unity.

Marcus Trufant and Terry Hollimon are two incredible pioneers paving the way for future generations as they continue to build the momentum of the Barbershop Movement.

The traditional barbershop concept is a place where you can go and there is no limits to the topics you talk about at the barbershop. Your barber can be your father, your mother, your pastor, your coach…anything. You're sitting there and anybody can chime in and get in on the conversation. A place where you feel most comfortable sharing opinions or getting advice. We decided to take that to the next level and make a radio show on that idea. Giving back to the community and having their voice heard is important to us.

Our goal is to make the barbershop a house hold name, being in the community, marking a difference, and changing the way you listen to radio. We believe the sky is the limit and one day the Barbershop will be on TV.

Stay tuned with the Barbershop on August 8th!